We are working to improve the safety, efficiency and performance of vehicle technology and infrastructure

The automotive industry has always been one of the leanest, just-in-time industries. That ongoing pressure for continuous improvement is relentless, driving improvements in best practice, innovation and reliable performance. The margins between success and failure are slim, and NPL's expertise in measurement science can help unlock step changes in quality, efficiency and competitiveness in an increasingly demanding world of change. 

From supply chain capability to validating reduced emissions, from light-weighting using new and advanced materials to fully exploiting emerging powertrain technologies, NPL science can help you unlock your potential in the new era of digitalised manufacturing.

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Hydrogen refuelling station

NPL is pioneering the introduction of hydrogen-powered cars and hosts one of the UK’s first hydrogen filling stations. Hydrogen-fuelled cars have the potential to be more than twice as fuel-efficient as petrol or diesel cars and operate very quietly.  

Hydrogen refuelling station

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Temperature and Humidity Measurement and Calibration Training

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Case study

Providing accredited quality assurance measurements for hydrogen fuel


Case study

Increasing the lifetime of hydrogen technologies


Our research

Our research covers non-destructive testing, measuring the dimensions of parts, monitoring the emissions from engines and more.

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