Driving excellence in Life Sciences

NPL helps to maximise impact by increasing trust in data and reducing uncertainty

NPL would like to invite you to come and learn how we can help with your life sciences measurement challenges.  

This unique perspective is invaluable if you are:

  • Using imaging technologies for patient stratification
  • Studying early diagnosis of disease
  • Developing more effective therapies and treatments  

You will learn about how we helped other companies, hear from leaders in this field and discover how you can access independent expert advice. We have a range of products and services for the life sciences industry, as well as state-of-the-art facilities, collaborative research and development and practical training.

The event is free and places are allocated on first come first served basis.


13th June

16:30 - 20:00


Babraham Bioscience Technologies Ltd, Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge, CB22 3AT.

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