Mapping cancer's secret chemistry at the Royal Society

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is showcasing cutting-edge research to map cancer in unprecedented detail at the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition, a free festival of visionary science and technology

Visitors to the exhibit, called Mapping cancer's secret chemistry, can find out more about the Cancer Research UK Grand Challenge project NPL is leading through a series of hands-on activities.

Led by Josephine Bunch, the Grand Challenge team are using mass spectrometry imaging techniques to create multi-scale maps of tumours which allow us to explore the complex community of cancer cells living within them. Their research will reveal how tumours survive and why they keep growing, enabling us to build a complete picture of cancer.

Visitors to NPL's exhibit can learn more about the power of these imaging techniques by building and revealing their own mystery mass spectrometry image, and by seeing how mass spectrometry can be used in the operating theatre with the intelligent surgical tool, the iKnife.

The Summer Science Exhibition, held on 3–9 July at the Royal Society's main offices in London, is an annual display of the most cutting-edge science and technology in the UK. The free, week-long festival features 22 exhibits and a series of inspiring talks and fun activities for all ages.

Find out more about the NPL-led Cancer Research UK Grand Challenge project

28 Jun 2017