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Temperature and humidity measurements

Underpinning accurate measurements to support industry

Accurate and reliable temperature and humidity measurements are critical to healthcare, industry, meteorology and research. Businesses and organisations need to have complete confidence in the performance of their measurements, over a wide range of temperatures and even in the harshest conditions.

We can help you to increase understanding and confidence in the performance of your measurement instruments over relevant ranges and for different scenarios. With high-accuracy and optimised measurements, we can also enable improved yield, reduced cost and greater production process control. Our bespoke testing, characterisation and consultancy services can facilitate improved product quality via greater insight into the behaviour and performance of materials and components. As the UK's National Metrology Institute, you can trust the independence and impartiality of our findings.

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We offer the most accurate and authoritative temperature measurements in the UK. Our world-class experts can provide measurements and fixed-point calibrations directly traceable to national temperature standards. We have the flexibility to provide a range of calibration services to suit your needs, delivered either at NPL or your site. We also produce bespoke instruments for temperature and humidity measurements with world-leading accuracy and stability.

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Contact temperature calibration
Non-contact temperature calibration
Humidity and moisture calibration
Instrument design and supply


We can deliver standard and bespoke training courses covering temperature and humidity measurement, plus calibration techniques; from online e-learning to full days of training which can incorporate hands-on practical sessions.


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Still struggling to work out what you need? We pride ourselves on giving sound technical advice to guide you. By combining expert advice, standard tests and bespoke consultancy, you can be confident in our approach.

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Development of a practical Johnson noise thermometer



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Our research and measurement solutions support innovation and product development. We work with companies to deliver business advantage and commercial success.
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